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Water Restoration

Water damage is a major issue for a home or building owner. Most of the time it happens when another problem occurs, such as a severe storm, or a plumbing issue. When water damage occurs, it can be a big source of stress, as well as time, trouble, and expense to clean it up. Calling a professional Restoration will relieve much of your stress and assure you that your home or building will soon be restored to normalcy.

Sanitary Flooding

Floodwater from clean water sources, such as from an overflowing sink, broken water pipe, or hot water heater, can be cleaned and dried fairly easily. But when flooding occurs, it is crucial to get the water cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent further damage, or the growth of mold or mildew. You can try to clean it up yourself, but calling a professional Restoration company will be much easier on you. We have the equipment to do the job quickly, neatly, and professionally.

Unsanitary Flooding

Flooding is considered unsanitary when the water source is “gray” or “black” water. Gray water can be from a washing machine, dishwasher, used bath or shower water, punctured waterbed, or leaking aquarium. Even rainwater from a hurricane, tornado, or other severe storm that penetrates your home or building is considered gray water. This type of floodwater contaminated the carpet, flooring, walls and often the materials should be replaced. If you choose to have it cleaned, have it done professionally so the carpet can be disinfected as well as cleaned.

Black water is any water that contains raw sewage or has come in contact with the ground. These sources include an overflowing toilet, seawater, or even river water, depending on the river. Black water poses a serious health risk, so the carpeting should be removed and replaced.

Restoration Process

With advanced equipment, moisture can be detected even where you didn’t realize it was. The water will be extracted quickly and thoroughly. Dehumidifiers will be used to pull the moisture from the air in your home or building, speeding up the drying process after all cleanup is completed. Along with your carpet, built-ins that are in contact with the wet carpet, and any items on the floor (such as wastebaskets) will be cared for also. The affected area will be sanitized for your comfort and safety. We will monitor the drying process until it is completed.

Our Company

Just Perfect Carpet Cleaning located in Austin, Texas, is ready to clean your carpets. Our team of highly trained carpet cleaning specialists will see to it that your carpet comes as clean as is possible, and will do it in a friendly, professional manner. We do steam cleaning, water extraction, 24-hour service, carpet repairs and stretching, pet odor removal, tile and other floor cleaning needs. We offer free on-site estimates and quotes over the phone.