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Rug Cleaning

First impressions are often lasting ones. When guests enter your home or office, one of the first things they will notice is the floor. A dirty rug often triggers the impression that the rest of the home or office is also dirty. Even though the rest of the room may be spotless, a dirty rug will spoil the whole effect.


A clean rug is important for more than just appearances. Cleanliness is important to the health of all who enter the room. Germs, bacteria, human and pet dander, mold, gases—all manner of nasties—can all abide in a dirty rug. Besides the pollutants that occur naturally inside the home or office, all the outdoor air pollutants cling to our clothing and are carried indoors where they are deposited into rugs. Regular, thorough cleaning is vital to the health of your family, guests, or clients. A clean rug is especially important to those with allergies, asthma, or emphysema, as the allergens in a dirty carpet cause problems for those who suffer from breathing disorders. A clean carpet protects your indoor air quality by removing the airborne pollutants trapped in the carpeting.


A rug properly and regularly cleaned will also have a longer lifespan than one that is left dirty, or cleaned improperly. Dirt aids in the deterioration of carpet fibers. An average grain of sand has around 25 cutting edges that work with each footstep to make your carpet deteriorate. Some carpet manufacturer warranties require regular cleanings. Your carpet is a major investment in your home or office, so you want to make it last as long as possible, and keep it looking as good and like new as possible.

Rug Types and Cleaning

We clean all types of rugs including Persian, Navajo, Chinese, Turkish, Pakistani, and Oriental. The rugs are separated by type before cleaning, as each type requires individual attention. Each rug first has all the dust removed. Then they are tested for color-fastness. Each rug is hand-washed and, depending on the type and material, is completely submerging it in water. Each type of material is cleaned with a special product designed for that material. When appropriate, an acid rinse is used to set the colors and neutralize. After rinsing, the rug is put through a roller to squeeze out the water. Then they are hung to dry. Be mindful that not all stains may be able to be removed.

Our Company

Just Perfect Carpet Cleaning located in Austin, Texas, is ready to clean your carpets. Our team of highly trained carpet cleaning specialists will see to it that your carpet comes as clean as is possible, and will do it in a friendly, professional manner. We do steam cleaning, water extraction, 24-hour service, carpet repairs and stretching, pet odor removal, tile and other floor cleaning needs. We offer free on-site estimates and quotes over the phone.