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Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal

If you have a pet, then you are likely to get stains on your carpet at some point or another. Pet stains can come from urine, feces, or vomit or they may simply be dirt or other items that your pet tracked inside and then stained your perfect carpet. No matter the source of the stain or the type of carpet you have, you should consider hiring a professional to remove it. This will ensure that in addition to getting rid of an unsightly stain, there are no unsanitary bacteria left behind.

Pre-Clean It

Although our expert team can remove old pet stains, you will notice the best results if you take action right away. This will increase our chances of getting rid of all discoloration as well as any foul odors. Urine stains are the most common pet-related issue we deal with. You can help us out and reduce the risk of leaving any odor behind by soaking up excess urine before you give us a call. You can also rinse off the area to reduce the stain.

Call Us In

Even after blotting away excess urine and rinsing off the area with the stain, it will probably be very obvious where the pet stain occurred. This is especially true in the case of pet vomit or diarrhea. Our expertise means that even if the stain is older, we should be able to take care of it for you, removing it completely. We also have the special tools required to ensure we give you the best results possible. Only professionals have the knowledge of how to remove each type of stain in every various kind of carpet, no matter the length of the carpet or color.

Sanitary Reasons

You may hesitate to hire a professional just to clean up some pet urine or the stain resulting from it. In these cases, however, you need to remember that it is more than an issue of appearance; sanitation is also a concern. If you do not remove all of the diarrhea, vomit, or other pet stain, there will most likely be bacteria hidden within your carpet. It takes a professional to tell whether the area is thoroughly clean. Only experienced experts will be able to thoroughly remove the stain along with its odor and bacteria without damaging your carpet.

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